WORD & WITNESS Introduction

HIS WORD, MY WITNESS provides examples of how the memorization of Scripture can be used sensitively but powerfully in your everyday conversation and witness with your Muslim friends.  It's not a new witnessing tool; the power of God's Word in our daily lives has always been part of a strong witness.  But it provides suggestions of how to use God's Word in a personal, casual way that can both bridge and build to a Muslim listener.

Each guide addresses a concept that is familiar to most Muslims and provides sample Scriptures that can be shared with a friend or in a passing conversation, as part of your experience or in a thoughtful observation.  The Bible itself, then, becomes not only a bridge to the listener's heart but a carefully placed building block to God's truth.  Even a listener who is not necessarily searching or even open to Christianity or the Bible may still be encouraged and blessed by jewels from God's Word.  Paraphrasing, story-telling, recitation, word pictures, and proverbs from Scripture that are woven into your conversation can carry the power of God's Word to the heart--without debate or conflict.

Just because someone hasn't asked for what they need doesn't mean they aren't listening for encouragement, for hope, for God. When the Word of God is in your life, the Word of God is within their reach.

To sample two of the series, visit Pictures of God and He Loves to Give Life.

The full series of WORD & WITNESS guides is available to enrolled MENA tentmakers at WORD & WITNESS Conversational Scripture Guides.