MENA Tentmaker Resources

As a fellowship of self-sustaining missionaries employed in the secular marketplace, the MENA Tentmaking Initiative exists to inspire New Testament tentmakers serving in the Middle East & North Africa region.

The relationship building and sharing we envision is invaluable in building a support system for MENA's tentmakers of all professions and skills.  Some resources we provide include a quarterly newsletter that features member experiences and testimonies, access to resources specifically for relating to nonChristians, personal coaching, and annual regional or union-wide retreats.

The MENA Tentmaker Connections page provides access to the MENA Tentmaker's Resource Manual, home-style orientation videos, guides to conversational scripture, links to health information, literature, and materials specifically suited to share with nonChristian friends.

MENA-based tentmakers can access these additional resources at Total Employment Member Connections by contacting us to share your tentmaking mission and personal involvement in witnessing in the workplace..