Foreigners: Equipped With Tools Or Traits? Book Introduction

John Ansgar Wolff, the author and illustrator of Foreigners:  Equipped With Tools Or Traits?,  has lived in the Middle East region with a heart for outreach and evangelism.  His total-immersion experience has led to the observations and lessons he shares in Foreigners.

The illustrations that accompany his heartfelt musings add a dimension of imagination--and reality--that promises to engage you with  his experience!

As he writes in his statement of appreciation  to mission colleagues, family, and even his Guardian Angel, he adds:

"To the One and only who deserves all glory, power, praise and honour for each step that is represented by these humble pages.... You are the only One who walked with me through it all, and You've been with me where human eyes could not reach.  Thank you, God, in Christ Jesus, always"  (Foreigners: Equipped With Tools Or Traits?" page 4).

For use as a personal training resources, enrolled MENA tentmakers can download the full manuscript here.