BEYOND BARRIERS Manual Introduction


BEYOND BARRIERS: International Workers With A Mission is a resource manual produced by MENA Total Employment (TE) for potential and current Seventh-day Adventist tentmakers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

  • Part One: Tentmaking Foundations provides the foundation for a biblically-based, spiritually-empowered tentmaking mission.
  • Part Two: The Tentmaker's Life relates to the tentmaker's personal preparation for mission--God's work in the heart of the tentmaker.
  • Part Three:  The Tentmaker's Mission provides information on the faith setting of the MENA region, as well as possible approaches for presenting God's love to the region.

Each of the 18 lessons a topic that is pertinent to the tentmaker's mission, guided activities and thought questions to be considered, endnotes with references and additional information, and an extensive bibliography for further reading and research.

Abner Dizon, DMiss, a pastor, missionary, professor, and missiologist, has written Beyond Barriers for use in training seminars and discussion settings, however the material is easily adapted for personal study as well.

The complete resource manual is available to MENA Total Employment tentmakers at BEYOND BARRIERS: International Workers With A Mission.