The Job Search Process


Visit the NEXT STEP to see what's involved in pursuing possible employment as a Total Employment tentmaker in MENA.  Your part is critical in exploring job openings in your field, for your qualifications.  Even as you pray, research, and consider the possibilities, you can also--

  1. Visit job search engines and social media sites that offer international employment in your field.
  2. Create your own database of companies or organizations in your professional field.
  3. Connect with recruiting agencies that are based in your home country but have international clients.
  4. Send your resume to every reasonable contact you are able to make.

Searching for a job in the MENA region is a prayerful process.  MENA TE's support team is prepared to accompany you as you enter into new, unknown territory.  Seek God’s will and surrender your life into His keeping, and He will direct your steps for His glory. 

We are here to support you in the job search process but, most importantly, we offer you our earnest prayers for God’s leading in your life.