Step Into the Unknown


Becoming a Total Employment (TE) tentmaker in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region begins with your experience with God that has given you a deep commitment to mission, a willingness to sacrifice, a spirit of adventure, and patience.

From the very beginning you're on both a job and mission search, and the timetable is unpredictable.

Take each step prayerfully. You're walking into the unknown and you need God to be with you.  If you would like to receive CALLED, a quarterly inspirational e-bulletin for mission-minded professionals, contact us.

As you consider how He is working in your life, let's get acquainted and watch how He leads:

Send your CV to  (Your CV may also be included in the Tentmaker Interest Information below.)


Fill out a Tentmaker Interest Information form.**  The site is secure and confidential.


Begin an online job search for your field in MENA countries.


A MENA TE team member may be in touch with you to get better acquainted.

If it appears you have a strong potential to find a job** and serve God in MENA, your name will be submitted to the MENA Union Adventist Missions Committee to become a candidate in MENA Total Employment.  That opens the door for our TE support team to come alongside you in the job search, language learning, tentmaker training, and general preparation for the doors God will open.

The process of job search and preparation is different for every person, depending on your skills, profession, the job market, and your cross-cultural experience.  However, the one thing we share with you is a desire that the Lord will lead.  Together we want to recognize His hand in your life and rely on Him to lead you to where He wants you.


**If you are already employed in the MENA region, you'll want to link to the Infield Tentmaker Interest form instead.