Step Into the Unknown


Becoming a tentmaker in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region begins with your experience with God. It develops into a deep commitment to go wherever He leads and do whatever He asks.

From the very beginning of this journey you're on both a job and mission search. The timetable is unpredictable. You're entering the unknown.

If you would like to receive CALLED, MENA's quarterly inspirational e-bulletin for mission-minded professionals, contact us.  It will keep you inspired with the tentmaking mission.

If you're ready to take the next step:

Send us an email telling us briefly about yourself and sharing your burden for mission.  We'll be in touch to recommend the following two steps. But if you want to go ahead--


Let's Get Acquainted!  Link to the brief form  to introduce yourself and your family, your profession or skill, and your church activity.  The information you share is secure and confidential.


Begin an online job search for professional opportunities in MENA countries.  



Keep in touch with us as God leads you in your journey.     

The process of job search and preparation is different for every person, depending on your skills, profession, the job market, and your cross-cultural experience. However, the one thing we share with you is a desire for the Lord to lead you!

Together we want to recognize His hand in your life and rely on Him to lead you to where He wants you.