The God of Avocados


Last Friday I was not having a very cheerful day.  It started when the hot water went out in the shower just after I had sudsed up my hair with shampoo.  Then when I was making lunch, I opened a cupboard and a large, empty plastic water bottle fell on my head--and then onto the frying pan I was using to cook. I turned downright grumpy.  In the back of my mind, I knew I was really upset about a friend who  had been sick for months and just did not seem to be getting any better.  Instead of going to the vegetable market with my husband, I decided to flop into a chair, talk to God, and ponder life. 
About 20 minutes later, my husband returned from the vegetable market beaming with joy.  Wonder of all wonders, he had found a beautifully wrapped package of three perfect avocados.  Now, folks, this is a miracle.  We love avocados, and in the country where we live avocados simply are not grown.  Not only that, but avocados are only sold in the big, fancy, expensive grocery stores that can only be reached by hours riding on dusty, bumpy roads.  Once we splurged for avocados we found once at the fancy grocery store.  They were rotten.  All of them.  
When I saw my husband cut into the perfect, green flesh of these avocadoes, though, I rejoiced in how God gives unexpected, delightful gifts to soothe away sorrows, even though I certainly did not deserve this gift. 

But that is how good God is; He provides for His sons and daughters.  And we are not to keep the gifts to ourselves. 

​The next day we shared Sabbath lunch with a friend.  He was able to try an avocado for the first time.  He was very pleased with the taste.  A few days later I was able to share the miracle story of the avocados with my Arabic teacher.   She was very happy to hear  the story because I had just shown her a picture of an avocado a few days before and told her how delicious the fruit was.     
In sending three perfect avocados to the middle of nowhere in the Middle East North Africa region, God reminded me once again that He knows the details of our lives.  He knows how to cheer us up, and He knows how to take care of all of our burdens, including entrusting our family and friends into His loving care.
If God is calling you to live and work in the Middle East North Africa region, remember the unexpected avocados.  God will take care of you.  And He will make you an agent to share your unexpected blessings with others.    --MW

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