Faithful Like Him

The longer I live in this region, the more certain I am of why I'm here, and the more convinced I am--God needs wise and sensitive women to represent Him.

I've had my years of doing women's ministries.  My former church family, surrounded by a large church community, always needed a women's ministry leader and, more often than not, I'd be involved in some way.  So we had brunches and prayer groups, retreats and outreach events.  A whole generation of us grew up together in church life, and my friends soon became elders, committee chairpersons, board members, spiritual leaders.  

It was good work.  It was church work. But I've concluded that the needs of God's daughters stretches the meaning of women's ministry.

This world I'm in needs women who are ministers of grace, practiced in building bridges of personal attention and kindness.  Women who live the assurance Jesus brings. Women who can tell about Him in simple, convicting language. With Jesus saturating my life, I'm in a position to bring Him within reach of those who are anxious, secluded, second rate, limited, and often unseen and unheard. Most of the women around me don't know how much He can help them.  I'm quite sure they don't need a confusing discussion of why I call Him the Son of God, a study on His divinity, or proof that He really did die on the cross.  

The woman fiercely shaking rugs over her balcony or pushing ahead of me at the fruit stand--she needs to see in my life a personal, caring God who values her and gives her honor.  She needs to see a God who is working in her favor and is planning a beautiful future for her.

With the Holy Spirit leading me, I want to be ready to tell her in my kindness and my words.  In my friendship and my testimony.  Even as I reach out to her, He is really the one who is drawing her.  And I trust Him to bring her to Himself.  I may have the privilege of watching how well He does that.  Or she may store it all in her heart for a later time. But no matter how long it takes, I am certain He will be faithful to her.  

I know that, because He has been infinitely faithful to me.   --KL

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