How can I prepare to be a tentmaker?

Perhaps you're not ready to drop everything right now and move to an unfamiliar part of the world on a tentmaking mission.  But you see it in your future.  You sense a calling.  You're willing to prepare yourself.  

  • Begin by making missions your life focus.  Keep in constant dialogue with God about your preparation and your future.


  • If you haven't completed your professional preparation, consider the occupations most sought after in the region or take a double degree that equips you for mission as well as a profession in the secular market.  


  • Be a workplace witness in the relative ease of your familiar world.


  • Experience personally your own faith and the biblical truths on which it is based.


  • Read about the history, culture, and faiths in the region.


  • Begin learning Arabic.  Farsi, Berber, and French are also used in portions of the MENA region.


  • Consider specific education that will better equip you:  Enroll in language learning.  Take coursework in Middle Eastern culture and history.  Spend a year at Middle East University (MEU) becoming better acquainted with the region, learning the language, or taking  graduate-level classes in Islamic Studies.  (For more information, visit