Are tentmakers church workers?


Seventh-day Adventist tentmakers cooperate wherever possible with the visible structure and leadership of the Adventist Church. They are part of the prayerful counsel, the mutual encouragement, and the training opportunities of the church.  While they relate to the organized church--whether the local worshipping group or regional leaders--a tentmaker is

  • A self-supporting lay member whose freedom to do mission in a closed country is protected by their independence of any sponsoring organization or apparent mission affiliation, although they will prayerfully present a clear identity as a Christian and, as opportunities arise, as a biblically-grounded Seventh-day Adventist.
  • A faithful, participating member of a local (or nearby) Seventh-day Adventist worshipping group.
  • A supportive collaborator with the leadership of the Adventist Church in whatever way is wise and sensitive to the setting.