This Is MENA's Commitment

The MENA Total Employment (TE) support team is committed to encouraging tentmakers throughout the MENA region and to providing resources that specifically assist MENA TE tentmakers to be better-equipped for their specific focus to the the people of the region. 

We recruit, screen, and come alongside mission-minded professionals who are interested in pursuing a job search in the secular workplace in the region.  This might include helping you make contact with on-the-ground contacts, providing country information, or supporting short-term language training for those who show high job-placement and missional potential. 

Once a TE tentmaker has a job, we consider ourselves part of the support system for their workplace mission, by initiating  

  • A secure TE social network for contact with the TE support team and other MENA TE tentmakers.
  • Access to tentmaking inspiration and resources.
  • An annual MENA-wide or regional TE retreat.
  • Regional and local church collaboration for service and outreach.
  • Prayer support for each MENA TE tentmaker.

Above all, MENA is committed to letting God use us to help tentmakers accomplish what God has called them to do!