Tentmaking Is Not...

Because tentmaking has many different shapes and presentations, maybe it's easier to explain what a tentmaker is not.

  • The tentmaker doesn't receive a paycheck from the church
  • The tentmaker isn't a resident tourist.
  • Tentmaking isn't a short-term mission assignment.
  • Neither is it a way to recoup financially.
  • A tentmaker isn't a secret missionary.
  • A tentmaker isn't an employee of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • And tentmaking isn't usually a fast track to professional success either.

While a tentmaker is certain to meet experiences they will never forget, they're not in it for adventure.   While tentmaking demands discretion and wisdom in a foreign country, a love for people and faithfulness to God can never be a secret!

Having said all that, a tentmaker is not on anything other than a person in mission for God.