Seven Characteristics of a Tentmaker



Every tentmaker is different and every setting is different. But some qualities, nurtured by God and committed to His service, are critical for a workplace witness in a cross-cultural setting.  
Mission passion comes from knowing what God has done for you and realizing there's a world who does not know that He can do the same for them.
Spiritual influence is only possible when the power of the Holy Spirit fills your life, directs your witness, and is free to work in the hearts of those around you. 
Personal excellence is your expressed in your accountability to God, who has given you special gifts and who is waiting to bless your careful use of them as you live with honor.
Cultural intelligence helps you honor the heritage of those who live and think differently than you do even while you live your faith.
Sincerity comes in living honestly before God, humbly before others, and trustworthy in the eyes of the seeking heart.  
Intentionality prompts you to pray, listen, and plan with a purpose to  follow where God is leading and to work where you see Him working.  
Flexibility meets the countless unknowns of mission with confidence in a God who knows all and is never surprised.