About Us


The Middle East & North Africa Tentmaking Initiative is a support ministry for mission-minded Seventh-day Adventist professionals and skilled workers employed in the region in the secular workplace:  MENA Tentmakers. 

In contributing to their host country professionally they also serve as an unusual kind of missionary:  a self-initiated, self-motivated, self-funded witness in the marketplace and perhaps the only Seventh-day Adventist presence in the region.  (See the Characteristics of a Tentmaker.)

Tentmaking among the skyscrapers of the Middle East is far different than Paul selling tents in Corinth.  Some countries are open to entrepreneurs with private businesses (BAM).  More often international workers are hired meet industry, business, or educational goals.  Either way, tentmakers are positive contributors to their host country.  

Add the fact that in most of the 20 countries of the region, religious workers and church institutions are limited or even illegal. Dedicated professionals and skilled workers who find employment in the region can take God's presence where no preacher can go.

MENA Total Employment Tentmaking is committed to encouraging people like you to use your profession to represent Him to those who would otherwise never meet the God who loves them.