About Us


MENA Total Employment is a support ministry provided for the Seventh-day Adventist professional who are employed in the region.  The contribution to a host country is an unusual kind of missionary:   a self-sustaining missionary! (See the Characteristics of a Tentmaker.)

Tentmaking among the skyscrapers of one of the Middle East's scores of sprawling cities is far different than what Paul the Apostle did to support himself in the marketplace of Corinth.  But it's still an important role in the MENA mission.  Businesses and governments in the region hire international workers to meet industry, business, or educational goals.  

Add fact that in many of the 20 countries of MENA, religious workers and church institutions are limited or even illegal.  Dedicated professionals who accept employment in the region can take God's presence to new frontiers.  

Our MENA Total Employment support team is committed to recruiting and encouraging people like you to consider using your profession to represent Him to those who would otherwise never meet the God who loves them.