More On Tentmaking--Links

OnEvery tentmaker is different, but all tentmakers are looking for ways to strengthen their own faith so they can share it with others.

Here are some additional contacts for tentmaking inspiration and training:  

GLOBAL CENTER FOR ADVENTIST MUSLIM RELATIONS at This is the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist's website or Adventist/Muslim relationships and understanding.

TENTMAKING TODAY at https://tentmaking today.  This is a quarterly eBulletin affiliated with Go Equip, a Christian mission organization with a special focus on training and mission preparation.  Tentmaking Today features brief articles about practical and personal aspects of tentmaking.

TENTMAKING LINKS is a Christian-based clearinghouse of tentmaking resources links, publications, and events at puts you in contact with endless material to  consider as you thoughtfully and prayerfully shape your own Adventist tentmaking mission.

ASAP at is a Seventh-day Adventist supportive ministry with a wealth of online resources in multiple languages that you can use to share with your friends in the MENA region.