What is a MENA TE Tentmaker?

Every international worker is a potential MENA Total Employment (TE) tentmaker!  But each expatriate employee in the Middle East and North Africa region has a different reason for taking a job in another culture, far away from home.  

Here's one way of describing the difference between an international worker, a mission-minded tentmaker, and the specific focus of the MENA Total Employment Tentmaker:

The International Worker

  • Is primarily in the region for employment
  • May or may not be an active member of a local Adventist congregation
  • Has little or no mission engagement.
  • Represents mission potential  

The Tentmaker

  • Is an active member of a local Adventist congregation or small group.
  • Is faithful to Adventist doctrines, identity, and lifestyle, including Sabbath observance.
  • Integrates work and mission.
  • Actively witnesses to fellow countrymen and expatriates from other countries.  

The MENA Total Employment Tentmaker

  • Is a faithful, practicing Seventh-day Adventist church member.
  • Collaborates with the local and regional church leadership in harmony with shared mission values. 
  • Is primarily focused on mission and prioritizes his/her professional work from that perspective.
  • Has an experienced cultural intelligence or a high aptitude to learn.
  • Has a specific aptitude for cultural contextualization.
  • Is intentional about learning the local language of the host region.
  • Focuses on mission to the indigenous members of the host region.

*Total Employment is an initiative to recruit, train, and chaplain self-sustaining missionaries who prioritize mission to the indigenous people of the MENA region. Total Employment is not a program, but an initiative primarily focused on building up a professional network of mission-driven, human resources. Indigenous professionals are encouraged to join the TE network of expatriate workers as they share and embrace its mission values.