How can I become a tentmaker?

Becoming a  tentmaker in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a process that involves several important steps.

However, let's begin by getting better acquainted:
  • Thoughtfully and prayerfully consider what we've shared on this site about MENA Tentmaking.  If you still have questions, feel free to email us at  We've learned that tentmaking is a new concept for many; we're happy to help you understand the amazing opportunity of a self-sustaining, marketplace witness.
  • Begin looking for employment in the region.  If you've located a job posting in the MENA region that fits your skills and profession, that is the beginning of your job search!
  • MENA's Total Employment (TE) Tentmaking does not provide positions or place individuals seeking employment, but even while you're seeking employment, we invite you to register with our MENA TE office so we can get better acquainted and be aware of your interest in working in the region.
  • If you are already employed in the MENA region, contact the local Adventist pastor, share your interest, and register with us as well. 
  • The job hunt varies between individuals and professions, but the one certainty is that the Lord's leading is essential, and as you see His hand in your plans, you will find a stronger faith in where He is leading you.
Of course, once you're employed in the secular market within MENA, we pray you will continue developing your mission focus with language development, a focus on outreach to the indigenous people, cultural understanding and collaboration with the regional and local church body and personal, spiritual growth.